Ellie Bravo

When Ellie Bravo loses her prestigious job and walks out on her partner, she decides to escape London for a new life as the marketing manager of a struggling IT firm.

But that’s when things start to really go wrong.
She falls head-over-heels for a female colleague who is married with a child. To choose love, Ellie will have to sacrifice her job, career and professional reputation. But the lure of Maria is too strong to resist.
When Maria’s husband discovers the truth, he is willing to intimidate Ellie into getting what he wants - and is prepared use any means possible to ruin her. However, Ellie Bravo is not the sort of girl to succumb to threats. She rides a Harley and has a meaningful tattoo across her shoulder.
She’s determined to fight…. even at the risk of losing everything. Kindle UK link Kindle USA link:

Red Shoes and Other Short Stories

Is an eclectic mix of entertaining and interesting tales, set in Ireland, Portugal, Bosnia, England and Spain.  Some are based on fact and others entirely on imagination.

Red Shoes - Do we really know our neighbours? T’aint a Bird - Surprise in rural Ireland WW2 The Path of Darkness - A faddista’s dream That’s Not Funny - A gym experience Well-Trained - A shaggy dog’s story The Chicken-Man’s Grandson - A boy’s mixed emotions The Unfinished Currach - Fear of the unspoken  Conchita Cintron - A torera’s final corrida The Windfall - Seeing is believing Plas Newydd - A New Place A Hot Day - After school temptation Jasmine - Finding destiny Stari Most - The aftermath of the Croat-Bosniak War Dublin 1832 - Prelude to Author Janet Pywell’s novel - The Golden Icon White Shadow - Half way to the truth Three Days Dead - The decision maker Red Shoes - Part Two


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The Golden Icon


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Josephine Lavelle, a once-famous opera singer who became an international outcast, has one last opportunity to resurrect her career. Josephine was born to sing Puccini’s Tosca and is determined to earn the right to perform again on the world’s most prestigious and celebrated stages.

But her fight for the future she craves is derailed when her ex-husband embroils her in a cynical blackmail plot. She is forced to take possession of a solid gold icon, part of a secret hoard of art treasures stolen by the Nazis - that dangerous men are prepared to kill for.

As well as determining the fate of the Golden Icon, Josephine must come to terms with her past, and fight for her own life. 

If only her choices were simple...

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